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Using the potential and vast experience of the asset management company (AMC), insurance companies can invest their assets and reserves on the stock market with the help of professionals.

The insurance company with active position on the stock market using effectively the opportunities with securities can make its business more profitable and competitive.

KINTO cooperates with insurance companies and is always ready to provide the following services:

- to invest insurance assets (own assets or part of insurance reserves) into securities of the operating investment funds managed by KINTO;

- to assist insurance company in setting up its own investment fund with further transfer of its assents under KINTOs management with the development of individual investment strategy, corresponding to all regulative requirements to the structure of assets, covering insurance reserves and insurers preferences towards risk/return balance.

Investing insurance funds, KINTO follows the rules of diversification, liquidity and profitability.

Main benefits

1. In insurance business, as well as in other businesses, it is important not only to create the value of the company, but also to contribute to its maximization. Stock markets instruments enable to use free monies with maximum efficiency, thereby maintaining and increasing the insurance companys capital.

2. The choice of the optimal investment strategy, taking into account specific peculiarities of insurance company, can become an important competitive advantage.

3. The insurers in the fund would be spared time required for their direct business, increasing their investment profit due to professional asset management and decreasing costs for investment portfolio management.

4. By contrast to banks fixed interest rate, the investment funds bring insurers the whole earned profit.

5. Income earned by the fund is not taxed until distributed.

KINTO invites insurance companies for cooperation on the mutually beneficial basis!

For additional information please address our experts at [email protected]

Tel. (044) 246-73-50, 246-74-34

Kyiv, 25-B, Sahaidachnoho St.

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